The Space at Barnwell Farm

If you’re looking for a Bicester meeting room, look no further.

The Space at Barnwell Farm is a brilliant new building, designed for a variety of business and leisure actitvities. It’s light, airy, and …. spacious. Please take a look at our gallery.

The building enjoys high-speed Gigaclear broadband for access to the internet. It offers civilised comfort, peace and quiet, amenity and privacy and …. space. It’s essentially an open-plan building, so tables, chairs and other furniture can be arranged to suit, depending on the activity in question.  We believe that visitors will generally bring their own projectors and computers;  but we can arrange for more specialised equipment to be made available on request.

Possible uses

These are many and various.  For example: 

  • Business meetings
  • Presentations
  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Training sessions
  • Work groups
  • People working from home who would like a break and perhaps some company
  • Confidential discussions about business restructuring and other plans
  • Meetings of clubs and societies
  • Organised games and tournaments (chess, bridge etc)
  • Musical and theatrical rehearsals
  • Old friends’ reunions
  • Receptions and other social events
  • Gentle forms of exercise
  • Exhibitions of artistic and photographic work
  • Audio and video recording work…

Competitive rates

Our rates are highly competitive and very flexible: we expect to be able to meet our visitors requirements.  We can offer time in the evening or at the weekends, and discounts for repeat bookings.

The Space is the ideal Bicester meeting room, and many of our visitors have commented on its attractions. In planning terms, it’s a “flexible commercial use building”, which is why it can accommodate so many different uses.  Just tell us what you have in mind.  Contact details here.  We necessarily have some “red lines”, including any activity with a risk of antisocial behaviour, or violence, or damage or danger or offence to anyone or anything. Please see further our Terms and conditions.