Barnwell Space is ideally placed for business-to-business (or “B2B”) sharing arrangements, and more generally for a wide range of business and leisure activities.

Businesses often have resources which are capable of being shared. This might be equipment, storage space, know-how, or staff time. Sharing resources with other businesses can boost efficiency and save cost – potentially a win-win situation for all involved.

What can we offer?  We have legal expertise, particularly in relation to property law and business law. For legal advice on property matters, please see our sister website  And we have long experience of preparing and publishing legal texts using specialised software.  These skills are applicable to other technical subjects and indeed non-technical subjects.

Then there is dispute resolution.  Mediation is now firmly established as a way of resolving commercial disputes economically, swiftly and confidentially.  Mediation is surpisingly effective, and provides a very attractive alternative to the cost, delay and uncertainty of legal proceedings.  But there are other techniques, including “early neutral evaluation” — an independent expert prepares an assessment of the parties’ positions, which they can then use to reach an agreed settlement. We can help here too.


Business-to-business is bound to grow. We welcome contact with people and businesses who are interested in these ideas.  We would be happy to arrange social events for staff from different businesses in the Bicester area to meet and exchange ideas on “neutral territory” in our excellent new Space building. Catering can be arranged on request.  Please feel free to talk to us about engaging with B2B!

And there’s more….

While you’re here you can:

  • Buy farm produce – see our Produce page
  • Use our notice board for small ads – goods and services offered or wanted, sharing, swaps….
  • Put us in touch with similar initiatives of which you’re aware
  • Talk to us about possible future uses for The Space.


We look forward to hearing from you. Contact details are here.  Please see also our Terms and conditions.