Barnwell Farm as a whole (including The Space) is owned by A. W. and C. Barsby (a partnership). The Space (the building) is adminstered by Barsby Ltd (a company).

We (the partnership and the company) aim to be fair and reasonable in all our dealings. People who share that approach usually find that most problems can be solved easily and swiftly.

However, we do have to have some legally-binding terms and conditions governing the use of The Space. They apply to Barnwell Farm as a whole, and are as follows:

  1. We (Barsby Ltd) accept bookings for many forms of business and leisure use, but please check with us first whether your proposed activity falls into these categories, and note that we can’t accept bookings for any activity with a risk of antisocial or disorderly behaviour, or violence, injury, damage, danger, disturbance or offence to anyone or anything.
  2. Payment for bookings must be made in full, in advance. We will normally agree to cancel a booking on request, and refund payment, provided we have at least 48 hours’ notice.
  3. We accept bookings on the basis that they confer no more than a temporary and non-exclusive contractual right to occupy The Space (our “flexible use” building) for the agreed purpose(s) and for the agreed period, subject these terms and conditions.
  4. It is your responsibility, before making a booking, to find out whether any proposed visitors (including you) suffer from any mental or physical disease, allergy, condition or disability which might entail a risk to their health or safety or anyone else’s, and to tell us about it. We welcome people with disabilities and disadvantages, and in most cases the use of The Space should not present a problem; but safety must come first and we reserve the right to decline a booking if we feel that there would be undue risk. Please note that the whole of Barnwell Farm is a no-smoking area.
  5. In making a booking you confirm that you accept full responsibility for the behaviour and safety of all the visitors you bring to Barnwell Farm, whether or not in accordance with a booking. You undertake that all visitors will make every reasonable effort to protect their own safety and that of others, and in particular to exercise due care in the use of equipment and facilities, taking note of instructions as to their safe and proper use.
  6. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, (a) to give directions to users before, during or after a booking, about the use of The Space; and (b) to terminate a booking without notice for reasons of safety or because we consider there is a risk of activity falling within paragraph 1 above.
  7. In making a booking you give us permission to hold personal data, including CCTV footage, in accordance with the law (as to which see our page on Privacy and data protection) for the purpose of your visit.