This is a new idea.

We think that people who work from home might appeciate a change of scene, and some time in a place where they can operate effectively, in comfort, with plenty of peace and quiet and high-speed broadband, and the chance to do some useful networking with other home-workers, maybe sharing ideas, finding opportunities, solving probems…

Hence Watercooler Wednesday.

From now on (July 2021) Watercolour Wednesday will take place every Wednesday. There will be no charge. Nespresso Vertuo coffee will be free, ditto a selection of teas. It’s simply a way for us to advertise what we have to offer, and to learn how the building can best be used.

Please take a look at the other pages in this website, which explain what we can offer and what we hope to achieve. There are many possible uses of our Space, which is technically a “flexible use” building, and we’ve made some suggestions here. Please note also our page on coping with Covid.

If you think that Watercooler Wednesday might work for you, and you’d like to make a booking or just ask some questions, please feel free to email us at, or ring Clare on 07976 400965.

A warm welcome to you, on Watercooler Wednesday. And your laptop.