Q1. Do you sell farm produce on site? A. Yes, we plan to offer a selection of farm produce, including eggs from our free-range hens. What is available will depend upon the time of year.

Q2. Can we hire The Space for a given number of weeks or months? A. We are not at the moment planning to use the building in this way: it seems to us more suited to a wide range of short-term uses – an hour or two, half a day or a day.

Q3. Can we buy alcohol drinks on site? A. We don’t have a standing licence for the sale of alcohol, but we are can obtain a temporary licence on request, for the purposes of special functions. We have to pay a fee to obtain a licence, so there will be an additional charge.

Q4. Can you accommodate people staying overnight? A. We’re sorry, but no: residential use is not one of the “flexible uses” permitted by planning law.

Q5. What about filming? A. Yes, The Space is an ideal location for filming. The planning system has special provisions for filming, and we can make the necessary arrangements if given notice.

Q6. Can I use The Space to host a meeting? A. Yes, The Space is ideal for meetings, especially when the number of clients or colleagues at the meeting will be too many to fit comfortably in your office.